7 Amazing Ways to Party Your Ass Off Without Freezing Your Ass Off

1. Layer your tights.
If one pair isn’t enough to keep you warm, make it two or three. Elisa (below, left) is wearing two pairs of tights, but she could easily wear three or four pairs if she wanted to without altering her look in the slightest.

2. Put chemical hand-warmers everywhere.
They’re designed for your pockets, but they can go literally anywhere, including the lining of your bra, and they stay warm for hours. That said, if you are prone to boob sweat, you may want to skip this one.

3. Cover your legs from the bottom up with thigh-high boots.
Flash a sexy sliver of thigh between the hem of your skirt and the top of your boots, or even let the two overlap and be completely covered. However, if you choose to to go the overlapping route, you want to make sure the boots go at least to your mid-thigh and that your skirt only covers the very tops of them. Otherwise the whole thing can start to look dowdy.

4. Layer with something synthetic.
Synthetic fabrics are great for holding in heat, even when they are very thin, making this one of the few times when the impaired breathability of manmade materials like polyester is actually to your advantage. Layer a synthetic or synthetic-blend body suit or leotard under your outfit, and you’ll feel way warmer than you look.

5. Wear leggings under your jeans.
They won’t add bulk and no one will even notice you are wearing them. Promise.

6. Wear something fuzzy.
Diandra was amazed at how warm she felt in this little pink co-ord while standing on the streets of New York City in the middle of winter, which is especially good since tights would have ruined this outfit.

7. Choose a cozy, blinged-out scarf over a cold, crystal necklace.
Really try to incorporate your glitzy scarf (or hat or gloves for that matter) into your overall look instead of just throwing it on before you leave the house. That way you won’t feel awkward about wearing it all night, even if you find yourself indoors.


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