6 Ways to Style Tweed That Won’t Remind You of Grandma

If you associate tweed with your grandparents and old English films, it’s time to rethink the fabric. From mini skirts to oversized jackets and colorful accents, tweed comes in enough varieties to suit everyone’s personal style. To help inspire you to wear this traditional staple, we’ve put together 15 stylish ways to wear tweed that are anything but frumpy.

1. Chunky Sweater and Mini Skirt: Dress down a tweed skirt by pairing it with an oversized sweater and a pair of tennies.

Chunky Sweater and Mini Skirt

2. Short Dress with Leather: Make tweed super haute with a short dress and an edgy leather coats for women. Not sure about thigh high socks? Switch ‘em out for some leggings and ankle booties to get that rock-n-roll vibe.

Short Dress with Leather

3. Red Tweed: Dress up a classic little tweed dress with some glittery nail polish and a small bag that won’t compete.

Red Tweed

4. Snakeskin and Ankle Boots: Add a subtle touch of tweed with a cute lil’ skirt. Then pile on the patterns and sweaters to balance out the textures.

Snakeskin and Ankle Boots

5. Boldly Orchid: Pair a dark jeans and dark tweed jackets for women with a bright top in your fave color. A statement necklace helps draw the attention up to your face — a useful trick, especially if you’re petite.

Boldly Orchid

6. Pink Tweed: Who said tweed has to be gray or brown? Appropriate for any time of the year, a bright shade of pink tweed is just the thing for a gray wintery day.

Pink Tweed


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