7 Must-Follow Fashion Blogs for Tall Girls

In the fashion world, everyone assumes if you’re tall, you’ve got it made. In reality, all those extra inches can mean a struggle to find trousers that come past your ankle, skirts that are long enough to be worn in public and a blazer that doesn’t turn into a three-quarter-length crop jacket. If you’re looking for some fashion tips on where to find clothes and how to style them, we’ve got 7 fabulous bloggers to help you lovely, leggy ladies out.

1. Style Scrapbook: Fashion blogger Andy Torres is over six feet tall and loves her heels. If you’re going for a sleek and sporty look, she’s your girl.

Style Scrapbook

2. Natalie Off Duty: Former model Natalie Suarez is all about loose layers and effortless pieces, like a white tee, boyfriend jeans and an oversized coat. She rocks looks you can wear every single day and still feel chic in, without ever feeling overdressed.

Natalie Off Duty

3. All The Tall Things: Documenting her struggle as a tall fashionista, Laura Schofield set out to piece together a style bible for women who love fashion but struggle to find long-enough pants. She also just had a baby, so if you’re tall and expecting, check out her blog for some great tips on dressing the bump.

All The Tall Things

4. Tall Swag: Alica Jay stands at a beautiful six feet, six inches tall and uses her blog as a way to invite fellow tall people to “look ridiculously fierce together.”

Tall Swag

5. What I Wore: Jessica Quirk has been interested in style since she first learned how to sew in grade school. She offers advice and inspiration for putting together outfits that help women feel confident, positive and ready to take on the world.

What I Wore

6. Dressing Stevie: As the only six-foot-tall fashion-obsessed girl in her social circle, Stevie was frustrated seeing amazing womens clothes on some of the better-known fashion blogs, only to order them online and find out that they were WAY too short for her body. Her blog, Dressing Stevie, is her personal quest to find fashion inspiration for everyone, but especially taller girls.

Dressing Stevie

7. Pandora: For some truly swoon-worthy fashion photos, check out Miss Pandora’s gorgeous blog. All of her photos make us want to start packing a suitcase and join her in France.


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