Low Ponytail – Trendy Hairstyle For This Spring

A ponytail is one of the most common hairstyles that women can wear because it can be done in less than five minutes. This is the perfect choice of a hairstyle for your busy mornings or maybe when you feel lazy to do something more complicated. Even though it is usually associated as the right hairstyle for the gym, there are many ways to style it which can be the right way to wear your hair even at formal events. One such way is the low ponytail, which is one of the hairstyles that will be really trendy this spring.

The low ponytail is achieved by gathering your hair at the nape of the neck, which makes this type of ponytail look more sophisticated and chic. It can work with a deep side or middle part and can be worn with straightened, textured, or curly locks. Many celebrities have been spotted on the red carpet with flawless low ponytails and below we have chosen some of them to get you inspired to try this trendy and easy hairstyle this spring. So, go ahead and check them out. Enjoy!

The low ponytail is a proof that a ponytail is not only for the gym and that can complement your elegant and sophisticated looks. Choose whether you will go for a middle part or a deep part side low ponytail, and also whether you will keep it slick or a messy and voluminous one.

Styling the low ponytail may take several more minutes, then the usual one, but no special skills are needed. First, brush your hair to get it smooth and shiny. When its sleek and knot-free, grab hair at the back of the neck and secure with a smooth hair band. After that use an iron to make it straight or if you prefer some soft waves, grab your curling iron. For a chic finishing touch, wrap a piece around the base of the ponytail to cover up the rubber band. Mist your hair with a medium hold hairspray, so that your flawless low ponytail van last longer. And now, check out the rest of the celebrities’ hairstyles that we have chosen for you and choose how you will style the low ponytail. Enjoy and stay up to date with our content for other inspiring hairstyle ideas!


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