Stupendous Bridal Collection By Solo Merav

When it comes to designing the perfect wedding dresses, the Israeli fashion designers are definitely on the top of the list. And today, as a proof we are bringing to you the Stupendous Bridal Collection by Solo Merav and we are definitely sure that you will fall in love with all of the dresses from this collection.

Solo Merav graduated from the school that is considered as the best Italian fashion school. After that, she returned in Israel and opened the “Solo Merav” studio that specializes impeccable couture. Her immense talent and passion for fashion and wedding industry is translated in all of her fabulous collections. Today, Solo is a leader in the bridal industry with 20 years of experience, elegant and sophisticated style. The use of high quality fabrics, the special attention to details and the meticulous tailoring are just some of the features of her fabulous designs. Her studio is located in Haifa, where in cooperation with the most experienced workers, designs and manufactures customized dresses for every client, according to their measurements, taste and wishes. Every bride-to-be can get her dream wedding dress designed in this studio, where they can get the attention they need and thus make their wedding a more magical one. Take a look at the photos below, to see the glamorous wedding dresses from Solo Merav’s new 2015 collection and find out if your dream wedding dress is part of it. Enjoy!

So, how do you like these dresses from Solo Merav’s new 2015 bridal collection? Do you find some of these dresses to look like your dream wedding dress? We bet that many of you do, because all of these dresses are absolutely gorgeous. The special attention to details, the interesting embroidery, the special cuts and the backless designs accentuate the feminine silhouette and the beauty of women. These dresses will definitely give you a stunning look which can make your future husband fall in love with you again.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content here to find other such glamorous and sexy wedding dresses by the worldwide famous fashion designers.


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