Chic Ways to Bring White to Life

Wearing white from head to toe has been one of summer’s biggest and chicest trends to date and while I personally love a good ol’ monochromatic white outfit as well, there’s no denying that, over time, just white can be a little too plain and somehow a bit boring. Here are some chic ways to bring white to life to make it more exciting and stylish.

THE TIMELESS BLACK AND WHITE COMBO – sometimes, black and white is better than just white alone. Black provides a strong and stark contrast that makes white pop and stand out. This color combo is a great go-to for those who want easy but sophisticated looks. It’s also a safe color combo for when you want something chic and posh.

ADD A SPLASH OF COLOR – white makes a great blank canvass for when you want to play with colors in your outfit. Thinking of wearing more than one bold color in your look but afraid it’ll be too wild and aggressive (especially for a daytime look)? Anchor it down with white to tame the whole outfit. Want to wear color but don’t want anything too striking and attention-seeking? Pair it with white to make it less so.

TRY WHITE LACE – want to make white look more girly and cute? Try wearing white lace. White lace with denim makes for the ultimate country look white white lace and leather is a great combo if you want a sleek and edgy but also girly ensemble.

MIX AND MATCH WITH PRINTS – another way to make a white outfit more lively and interesting is to wear it with printed pieces. Adding prints to any outfit, white or not, always gives it a more fun vibe. Choose quirky prints like pineapples and cats this summer or stick with the classics like florals and stripes – whatever print you wear is totally up to you.

ADD LAYERS – white pieces are great on their own but they look even better when you add layers on. You can opt for a monochromatic look by piling on different shades of white or you can use your white piece as a blank canvass for more colors in your layers.

WEAR IT PRINTED – aside from mixing and matching and anchoring your printed pieces to a solid white, you can also opt for printed pieces with a white background. It will get you that nice, clean look that’s neither boring nor over the top.

SHEER WHITE – make white sexier and more exciting by wearing it sheer. Sheer white dresses are perfect for adding just the right hint of a sultry vibe to your look. If you’re not sure about going sheer, you can always start out with sheer panels and work your way from there.


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