Too Cold or Too Hot for a Coat?

Before we catch the first cold, we have to be cautious and go to the well sheltered street. Do not go unless the weather changes suddenly and carry little clothes on, but doubts in this era of halftime recur, what to wear to roast me not die of heat or cold? A convenient and simple solution are ponchos and coats . Lúcelos above turtleneck sweaters, jackets or sweatshirts before you get sick.
The good thing is that ponchos are warm, comfortable and can be worn over all, jeans, jackets and even give them a sporty .

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The ponchos ethnic prints are the ones most triumphant. Combine with rocking clothes and studded boots or leather pants and the result is ten.

Even if you have poncho you can get to add another layer to your look with a wide fringed scarf . The question is going like an onion and adapt to the weather, the temperature changes outrageous at this time of year.


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