Every Woman with Deep Set Eyes Should Watch These Eyeshadow Tutorials

Knowing how to get your eyeshadow just right is a skill that any girl needs to have. There are loads of great ways to slick on the color, but figuring out how to get it just right can be easier said than done. That’s why watching someone else do the work can be so helpful.
When you watch any of these tutorials, you get easy step by step directions for all the eyeshadow looks you love. Remember, practice makes perfect!


This is a video that gives you all the general tips and tricks for applying makeup to deep set eyes. If you’re new to makeup or are just trying to enhance your current look, this tutorial will make it so easy for you. There’s an emphasis on eyeshadow so you should be ready to rock any event you go to after just a few minutes.


Cut crease eye makeup is a great look for a variety of eye shapes and you’ll love how easy this tutorial makes getting it done. Once you master this style of putting on your eyeshadow, you’ll love the definition it gives your eyes.
Watch the step by step and you can go from drab to fab in no time at all.


If you have deep set eyes that happen to be blue, this is the video for you. It shows you how to enhance and open up your eyes with the right makeup colors and styles.
The basic highlighting shown in the video makes it easy to get the job done. Once finished, you are going to absolutely love how your eyes look every single day.


The problem with deep set eyes is that they can sometimes look small, which is why learning to make them up is something you’ll never regret doing.
This tutorial shows you all the best and easiest ways to make your peepers look wide and bright, even if they really aren’t. It’s easy to follow along and you’ll have the techniques mastered in no time at all.


Just because you have deep set eyes doesn’t mean you can’t do the sexy smoky look that you probably covet on runway models.
By watching this informative and fun video, you can get the look on your own face with hardly any effort at all. The finished product is quite dramatic, which makes it great for a night out on the town or for a date with your new man.


Looking for something perfect for a night club or to just rev up the drama when you apply your makeup?
Here’s the video for you!
It shows you just how to apply eye shadow to deep set eyes to create the perfect dramatic look that you and all your girls want to show off.
Get ready to turn some heads!


If you prefer something a bit more natural for the office or for daytime, this is the look you’ll love. The video shows you how to pull off eye shadow for deep set eyes in a totally fresh and girly way that isn’t over the top. You are going to love this one!

Which video is your new favorite? Ready to try the look today?


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